About Forge of Legends

dungeon door


In short, Forge of Legends is a classic, old-school RPG. That means different things to different people, perhaps. So to be more specific, it means the player will form a party of six characters, crafted by the player by combining races, classes, and other options. The player will then lead this party through dungeons, towns, and other places to battle monsters, solve quests, and earn rewards. Players of games like Wizardry and the original Bard's Tale will find this familiar.

Dungeon Crawl

As expected in a game like this, there will be "dungeon crawling," with plenty of combat. Combat will be turn-based, with a tactical approach that combines elements of grid-based and more traditional models such as used in other classic RPGs.

About Me

There is one developer on the project -- yours truly. I have a somewhat long history of failed and/or incomplete game projects. I've learned a lot from those old projects, and hope that Forge of Legends will be the game that succeeds where other projects have failed. I code the game in my spare time, such as it is, balancing this project among several others. I have a wife and two young children at home. Yet... I wouldn't call myself a busy person. I like to think I'm not, at least.

While I am somewhat of a one-man army, there are folk out there who I have wrangled into helping me in various ways. Among them are artists, testers, and friends I spam with a deadly relentlessness. Thanks, guys, for not throwing things at me.

Check out my silly little blog or the Empire Forge Software site, both referenced at the top of the page, for more info.

Technology and Platforms

Forge of Legends will be released for PC, Mac, and Android tablets. I am developing the game with libGDX and Java.


I am tentatively hoping to enter beta test in 2013. I've written around 20 thousand lines of code by this point, but much remains to do.